Antibiotic Zone Reader

Digital Antibiotic Zone ReaderDigital Antibiotic Zone Reader provides a rapid accurate method for determining the strength of antibiotic materials by measuring the diameter of an inhibition zone in a Petri-dish. In use, the discs are placed on a Petri-dish prepared with agar and inoculated with bacteria. After incubation, the bacteria cover the entire dish except for a circular inhibition zone around, it being a function of the strength of the antibiotic. This zone reader measures the diameter of the inhibition zone to 0.02 mm within range of 0 to 35 mm diameter. Light from a source from the top, passes through the transparent and semitransparent portions of the agar, then to a reflecting mirror supported by an arm above the unit. The mirror reflects the light to glass prism mounted at the front of the unit and magnified image of the zone of inhibition is clearly visible on the prism.

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